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Riley speaks: Read these on-going news stories on illegal aliens, DACA, illegal alien crime, MS-13 gangs, ICE, border security, USA borders, alien amnesty, sanctuary cities, undocumented immigrants, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, deportation, green card giveaways, anchor babies, Dreamers, illegals, chain migration, mass immigration, border patrol, border crisis, border security, open borders, Homeland Security, anti-immigrant sentiments, visa lotteries, migrant caravans, and other issues related to illegal immigration.

4.3 Million Illegal Aliens Caught at SW Border in Decade — More Than Los Angeles Population: (12/30/19)

ICE Asking Courts To Begin Deportation Proceedings On DACA Recipients As Order Expires: (12/30/19)

Rasmussen Shows 2:1 Opposition to Cheap Labor Legal Immigration: (12/30/19)

Man Who Used Machete To Attack Jews Is Son Of Illegal Alien: (12/30/19)

As DACA Approaches Its End, ICE is Asking Courts to Begin Deportation Proceedings Against Participants: (12/30/19)

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New York Times Disdains Wage Raises for Blue-Collar Americans as a Result of ICE Enforcements: (12/29/19)

Yuma, Arizona ends border state of emergency, credits Trump immigration policies: (12/29/19)

Promises kept: Trump’s border plan is working: (12/29/19)

Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Colorado Grandmother: (12/29/19)

Denver Doubles Down on Sanctuary Policy After Illegal Alien is Arrested in Hit-and-Run Fatality: (12/28/19)

Mexican Gulf Cartel-Connected Smugglers Ram U.S. Border Patrol Vehicle in Texas: (12/28/19)

Internal Email Reveals How Officers Are Addressing The Rise Of Mexican Asylum Seekers: (12/27/19)

New York Jailbreak: Illegal Alien Freed After Allegedly Killing Mother of Three on Christmas Eve: (12/27/19)

Denver Sticking To Sanctuary Policy Following Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect Who Was Already Deported Six Times: (12/27/19)

Seeing a Central American surge, Mexicans join the illegal immigrant line at the U.S. border: (12/26/19)

Pro-Open Borders CNN Piece Refers to All Illegal Immigrants as Just Latinos: (12/26/19)

Governor criticized after illegal immigrant convicted of murder is transferred to ICE custody on release: (12/26/19)

Illegal Alien Arrested In Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident Had Been Deported Six Different Times: (12/24/19)

Ann Coulter, Brandon Darby: A Nation Led by Paramilitary Cartels Is at Our Southern Border: (12/23/19)

Democrats to Rapidly Gain Political Power from Anchor Baby Population: (12/23/19)

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Immigration Causing Massive Redistribution of Congressional Seats to Democrat States for 2020: (12/22/19)

Ann Coulter: If We Don’t Address Illegal Immigration, the Nuttiest of Democrat Proposals Will Come to the U.S.: (12/22/19)

Illegals Don’t Have Our Values. BUILD THE WALL! Migrant Caravan 7,000!:

WashPost Excludes U.S. Graduates from Migration, Outsourcing Politics: (12/21/19)

Largest takedown in state history — New York prosecutors charge 96 MS-13 gang members and associates: (12/20/19)

At The U.S.-Mexican Border, Illegal Migrants Give Up Hope of Crossing: (12/20/19)

MS-13 Bust Thwarts Murder Plots, Disables Gang Infrastructure in New York: (12/20/19)

2020 Spending Bill: Nancy Pelosi Dams the Flood of H-2B Workers (not really): (12/20/19)

An Arizona border town is already reaping some benefits from border wall construction: (12/20/19)

Nine Illegal Immigrants Apprehended After Vehicle Pursuit North of Texas Border: (12/19/19)

The Impact of Legal and Illegal Immigration on the Apportionment of Seats in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020: (12/19/19)

Fact Check: Buttigieg Falsely Claims ICE Raids Don’t Make Our Country Safe: (12/19/19)

GOP/Democrats Slip Amnesty for 1K Liberian Nationals into Defense Budget: (12/18/19)

GOP Sen. Mike Lee Predicts Quick Passage of S.386 Visa-to-Voter Bill (Green Card Giveaway!): (12/18/19)

Illegals and the American Birthright: (12/18/19)

New Jersey passes bill giving unauthorized immigrants driver’s licenses – Vox: (12/18/19)

GOP Governor Bill Lee Approves More Refugee Resettlement in Tennessee: (12/18/19)

Ben & Jerry’s Join U.N. to Launch Illegal Aliens Awareness-Raising Flavor: (12/18/19)

New York’s Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens Halts Verification of American Citizens’ Identities: (12/17/19)

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92% Of Americans Think Their Basic Rights Are Being Threatened, New Poll Shows: (12/16/19)

Deported Criminal Alien Arrests Continue Along Southwest Border: (12/16/19)

This Will Protect Criminals: Homeland Security Blasts New York Law Allowing Illegal Aliens to Get Driver’s Licenses: (12/16/19)

Chinese National Gets 10 Months in Jail for Running Anchor Baby Agency: (12/16/19)

The Ground Zero Mosque Project Is Back December 16, 2019: (12/16/19)

11 Aliens Have Qualified For Asylum Under Remain In Mexico Program: (12/16/19)

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of Two Freed into U.S. Again by Obama-Appointed Judge: (12/15/19)

17,000 Brazilian Migrants Cross Border in Single Texas City in FY2019: (12/14/19)

Study: Foreign Workers, Tourists Deliver 72K Anchor Babies a Year in U.S.: (12/12/19)

House Approves Farmworker Amnesty, Promotes Visa Workers over Americans: (12/12/19)

Boston City Council Doubles Down On Sanctuary City Policies: (12/12/19)

Record 3 million illegal immigrants living freely in the country awaiting hearings: (12/11/19) – Unbelievable! And all will vote in 2020. And all are in free housing, on welfare, getting food stamps, eligible for cash disbursements, having free childbirth and American citizen babies—anchor babies—whose parents can never be deported!

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Six Illegal Aliens Accused of Raping, Sex Trafficking Underage Girl: (12/11/19)

African Migrant Apprehensions at Texas Border on Rise: (12/11/19)

New Estimate: 72,000 Births Annually to Tourists, Foreign Students and Other Visitors: (12/11/19)

ICE Deports Over Quarter of a Million Illegals, 5.5K Gang Members in 2019: (12/11/19)

Soros-Linked Group Gets Six GOP Governors to Resettle More Refugees: (12/11/19)

West African on Green Card Convicted for Murdering Two Boston Doctors: (12/10/19)

Reform Groups Rally Opposition to Farmworker Amnesty, H-2A Outsourcing Vote: (12/10/19)

Border Patrol Rescues Thousands of Migrants in 2019. Media Silent: (12/7/19)

Joe Biden Vows to Give Taxpayer-Funded Obamacare to All Illegal Aliens in U.S.: (12/6/19)

DHS Deputy Says Sanctuary Cities Are Harboring Violent, Vicious MS-13 Gang Members: (12/5/19)

ICE Spokesman Says Criminal Illegal Aliens Are Attracted To Sanctuary Cities: (12/4/19)

Amnesty Bill Blocks Labor-Saving Farm Machines: (12/3/19)

Time to Pivot from the Middle East to the Mexican Border: (12/3/19)

In Spanish, Mayor Pete Buttigieg Promises Government Health Care for Illegal Aliens: (12/2/19)

Yes, Good Borders Make Good Neighbors: (12/2/19)

NYC Refuses to Cooperate with Feds, Releases Illegal Gang Member Who Allegedly Killed a Man. ICE Strikes Back: You’re Letting Him ‘Terrorize’ the Community: (12/2/19)

The Tidal Wave Continues: We Need That Wall!: (12/1/19)

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Activist Judge Negates One of the Oldest Rules of U.S. Immigration Law: (11/30/19)

Soros-Funded Group: We Need to Abolish Ice to Protect Accused Visa Fraudsters: (11/29/19)

Illegal alien deported after killing four children in 2008 school bus crash is caught again in the US: (11/27/19)

ICE arrests 90 more students at fake university in Michigan: (11/27/19)

Ilhan Omar Accused of Being a Paid Agent of Qatar and Accessing Sensitive Info for Iran: Court Testimony: (11/25/19)

ICE announces Montgomery County, Prince George’s County criminal offenders shielded by current non-cooperation policies:

DACA Recipient Charged with Human Smuggling near Arizona Border: (11/21/19)

Criminal alien, wanted for killing motorist, flees after local law enforcement ignores immigration detainer: (11/19/19)

AFP reports astounding number of child migrant detentions under Trump. Then discovers it was from 2015 under Obama: (11/19/19)

Exclusive Video: Pregnant Migrant Beaten for Crossing Texas Border Without Paying Gulf Cartel Fee, Says JTFW Director: (11/18/19)

MS-13 Gang Member Sentenced to 20 Years in Machete Attack Case: (11/18/19)

Exclusive Video: Illegal Immigration Hurts Migrants’ Home Countries, Says JTFW Director: (11/18/19)

Inside Mosques: Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia: (11/17/19)

Illegal Alien Crimes and Costs That the Democrats and Legacy Media Ignore: (11/15/19)

Federal Judge Rules That the Alabama ISIS Bride Is Not An American Citizen: (11/15/19)

Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Charged in Fatal DUI Crash in New York: (11/14/19)

Here’s Why Open Borders Is a Racist Policy: (11/14/19)

They all raised their hands, but PolitiFact gives mostly false rating to claim that 2020 Democrats want to give free health care to illegals: (11/12/19)

USCIS to Deter Frivolous or Fraudulent Asylum Seekers from Obtaining Work Authorizations: (11/13/19)

Border County’s Facilities Overwhelmed with Dead Migrants: (11/13/19)

Police: Man Arrested in Connection to Hit-And-Run That Killed Vietnam Veteran in Norristown: (11/13/19)

White House to use webcams to create live feed of border wall construction: (11/12/19)

Killers, Other Felons Arrested Sneaking Across Southwest Border: (11/12/19)

USMS-Led Operation Triple Beam Results in 327 Felony Arrests in Central and Northern New Mexico: (11/12/19)

Justice Department to Scotus: We Can’t Give Work Permits to DACA Migrants: (11/11/19)

The Identities of 400 Americans: Stolen and Used by Illegal Aliens Arrested in Mississippi Ice Raids: (11/7/19)

DACA Kids Approved Despite Murder, Rape and Sex Crimes Arrests: (6/18/18)

Illegal Aliens Join Migrant Caravan
Assault on America by Riley WIlliams

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