Take a Few Minutes and Read This Book

Parler People love this book. Have you read Assault on America? Check out this testimonial from Parler:

Great work on this book you’ve written!

I live in a small town in California, and it’s overwhelming how many illegals are here! I feel strange when I go shopping, because I’m the only person with blonde hair and blue eyes! Each house has about 3-4 families living in it, and apartments are the same! Not one place for employment has a single person that is similar to me. They all have brand new expensive cars, and their grocery carts are always full.

My granddaughter is the only one in her class (kg) with blue eyes and there’s about 30 kids in her class that don’t speak English. I could go on, but all the words in your book are 100% true!

Take a few minutes and read this book!! It’s 100% true!! The reason America is broke!!

Download the book here: https://rileyspeaks.com/riley.pdf

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