Tens of Millions of Illegal Aliens Threaten Our Economy, Safety, and Freedoms

Every 28 seconds one foreigner migrates to America. Did you know that America has the largest immigrant population in the world despite America being only 5 percent of the global population? Tens of millions of foreigners have been coming to live in America for decades, including millions of illegal aliens with no end in sight.

Just look at these facts: 23 million foreigners legally came to live in the United States from 2000 to 2016. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 9.5 million of those foreigners came in through chain migration—and our government actually handed them green cards granting permanent legal residence in the U.S. But they are just part of the tens of millions of foreigners—many without education, skills, or English—that have been handed green cards allowing them free access to America’s welfare, social services, and healthcare benefits.

How does this on-going flood of foreigners affect ordinary Americans? It hits them directly in their wallet. In 2018, the Center for Immigration Studies found that 63% of all foreigners were receiving welfare paid for by the American taxpayers. In just one year alone, Americans paid a whopping $115.9 billion—86% of the cost for illegal aliens to live in this country and that cost increases every year!

Riley Williams, just an ordinary American citizen, wrote Assault on America for the sole purpose of alerting Americans to the devastating effect of uncontrolled immigration on we the people’s freedoms, finances, security, and safety. Sometimes just an ordinary person does something way beyond ordinary that can truly enlighten millions of people. Riley is that person.

Riley will prove to you that Americans have been systematically fed lies about what is really happening in our country.

  • You will discover alarming evidence of an enormous financial threat that could bankrupt America.
  • You will learn about the powerful forces undermining America’s very existence, culture, values, and democracy.
  • You will find out how our political leaders took trillions of dollars from hard working Americans and how they used that money to pay for votes and cheap labor.

Riley speaks: “I made it my personal mission to let Americans everywhere know the truth. Spending more than three years, I wrote this book to shine the light on what is at stake for each and every one of us. I wanted to connect the political dots to give Americans knowledge—and that equals political power.”

Riley Williams believes that Americans want to know the truth. That truth is exposed head-on in this alarming mind-blowing book.

If you are just like millions of other Americans who want to know what is really going on in your country, then Riley’s book is for you—written for Americans by an ordinary American.

Learn the truth about immigration—so we the people can take it to the voting booth and together help preserve the greatest country in the world: Our America!

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